Infected Play Style - Looking for Top Laner (plus subs)

Hey there, Start up team (Infected Play Style) are looking for a top laner to complete their 5 vs 5 ranked team. We'll be organising it around everyones play times, and playing on a serious (but fun) level. Because this is serious yet fun, being a high rank isn't necessary, all that matters is you can fill the role we need, be an English speak and not be a troll or complete moron. You do however need to be on EUW, and have experience within your role. If there's anyone interested, then I'd like to know the following: 1 - In game name. 2 - Champion Pool. 3 - Role. 4 - Play style. 5 - Availability. Don't apply if you rage or are currently facing a chat restriction. Thanks. Wildcard.
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