Looking for players to create a serious team

Hello, I want to create a team to play in season 6. Im looking for serious,flexible and friendly players from silver 5 to platinum 1 who want to join a team and stay together for a long time. My goals for the team are: - trying to get to gold in season 6 - play a few tournaments - have a lot of fun Im looking for: -top -jungle -mid -adc -support -2 subs -someone who can help me maintain the team If you want to join you need to meet some requirements. These are: 1. Come on time when schedule is created (This is the one most of the ranked teams fail to achieve) 2. You have to have a microphone which is clear. 3. Be Friendly, no flaming and no raging. 4. Speak english 5. Between silver 5 and platinum 1 If you are looking for a team like this fill this in: What lane are you applying for ?: How old are you ?: Where are you from ?: What are the champions you can play on the role you are applying for (keep in mind that we might require you to learn a new champ)? What's your division ?: Your biggest problem/mistake you make in-game ?: What's your motivation towards joining this team ?: Schedule will be created after i know what time everyone can play. It will probably be around 6-9pm cest on a few days. Tryouts will be tonight. Greetings ergothvs
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