Plat 3 support main LF DuoQ partner/Team

Plat 3 support main LF either a DuoQ partner or a 5's team for Battlegrounds. I am from the UK and for soloQ i'm not too fussed about what position you play just as long as you are Plat 3+ and actually main a position rather than filling. For 5's i'd like to join a team that is looking to compete in battlegrounds that is coming up. Hopefully the team has been established for a while rather than just recently setting up. And for 5's I'd rather play mid lane however I can also play support for the team. Mid champ pool: {{champion:61}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:76}} Support Champ pool: {{champion:412}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:267}} If there is anything else you'd like to know be sure to add me in game:)
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