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Hello there people. I'm looking forward to open up a team that won't split after a couple of games. I mainly play ADC and my account is Plat 2. I'm looking mostly for Platin and Diamond players that are passioned enough to bring the team up to diamond. We will have a shedule that should be set up once we know when everybody has time. If everything works right I'm gonna organize an analyst and even a coach for us. I want to try and make this Team to look and play professional as much as it gets. My current real life job is to make Websites and design. So once the rooster is stable, we will get a Website. We will also take a part at alot of tournaments and surely once the time has come, we will succeed. I want this team to be something we are proud of. So if you are interested and passionate as much as I am, you can add me IG or write me a PM on facebook. The Team name will be "Athletes". you can see my climp and my stats here
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