Silver support main looking for smurfer duo

Silver 2 and trying to get gold again. I play most supports and my preferred are lulu/rakan/morg/leona/janna. I usually pick what fits in the team and my main goal each game is to have below 5 deaths, loads of assists and most wards placed. I look for a duo on any lane. I've successfully duo already with main adc/main mids/main junglers and even unconventional picks suck as vayne jungler smurfs. Whoever you are, if you are good at a role, I'm here to support the team and do my best to make sure we win :) Together, we are stronger than solo. I've been in silver 2 many times already this season. For the last few weeks i'm on a steady climb and i'm looking for mates to speed up the process and get to gold. So I'm searching for a smurfer that wants to do some duos. I use voice chat if u want and i play in the evening after 6PM GMT+1. Add me to friends

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