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Dear possibly new Sightstoner, welcome! Are you looking for fun? A place to belong? Maybe some new friends?
Hello fellow EUW League of Legends players. Sightstone Gaming is a clan created hoping to achieve and give not only what most clans/communities offers, but also something unique that none one else are able to give you. Since we created Sighstone Gaming in 2013 we now have over 70 members, many unique individuals that creates the fun and engaging atmosphere Sightstone is proud to have . We value the close-knitted and "family" like social experience that we feel League of Legends fails to give, simply because of what kind of game it is. "For the community, by the community" is something we like to say. We believe that for everyone to have a great time, everyone have to contribute to the community through activity, participation and generally simply having fun. We do not care whether you are bronze or diamond , young or old , competitive or casual . We are something more than just a bunch of people who are under the same clan tag. We're not searching people who simply want to escape from soloqueue, tired of whatever ranked spits in your face, but those who actually wish to be part of a community, a clan and what we offer. And what do we offer? We offer a wide variety of social and fun experiences that a player, both casual and competitive truly can enjoy. **What we offer:** * A site w/ a forum where you can engage in discussions, forum games, theorycrafting, participate in events and more. * A unique clan which wish to fill the empty social feeling that other clans and League of Legends as a game is unable to fill. * A fulfilling social and fun experience together with other friendly clan members. * A teamspeak server where you can engage in fun, friendly and relaxing conversations with other SG members. * A open minded theorycrafting experience through both forum discussion and ingame premades * A both casual and competitive community experience, both at the forum and ingame. * The possibility to create or join a ranked team with other community members. * Events, such as; Custom Summoners Rift games and premades, tournaments, theorycrafting premades, contests (both at the forum and ingame) and more. * Very fun Scheduled Events, such as; 5v5 Custom Games (serious) and Fun Nights with fun gamemodes such as ARAM, Dodgeball, Hunted vs Hunter and more with other clan-members. **Active forum, Theorycrafting & "Family-like" social experience** One particular section we wish to provide is a openminded theorycrafting experience. There's a reason a meta is established, but there's also a reason why it changes. Theorycrafting, innovate is not only fun, but also quite rewarding. It's important to understand why, not only how. Own section to discuss ideas/theorycrafting as well as possibility to organize premades to test these ideas together with fellow clan members. We also offer a range of other forum sections where you can partake in discussing subjects such as the newest patch notes, the competitive League of Legends scene, meta changes, non-League related discussions such as CS:GO and Heartstone and a lot more. While our main focus is League of Legends, we also play other games together for fun, like CS:GO, WoW and Heartstone, and we have own forum sections to discuss these games. Our in-game chat room is used to create premades whenever people want, discuss random things and just fool around. We also have a Teamspeak channel that you can use for voice chat during premades, events or simply engage with other members. **Our Goals** We want to create a clan which can give what both casual and competitive players are looking for. We're aim to create a social experience that no other clan nor the League game itself can offer. We strive to achieve a "family-like/close-knitted" social community that offers everything from forum discussion to ingame events such as; tournaments, ranked teams that can scrim with each other, regular premades, premades based on theorycrafting ideas and other events (either on the forum or ingame). A community of active and likeminded people who love playing the same game; League of Legends. Create a unique social experience that goes beyond what League can offer (simply because it's a MOBA, not a MMO). We want to achieve that "MMO Guild" type of social feeling. A community that both casual and competitive players can enjoy. We strive to create an environment that's not only fun, but also relaxing and rewarding. We want people to look forward to something after getting home from an exhausting day at work or school, not having to face the frustration that League brings, but have a place to call home, a place they truly can simply enjoy what we all play games for; to have fun. A place you can come home to after a rough day at work/school and simply relax together with friendly people who got the same interest. We like to call ourselves a family, a home and we strive to keep it like that. **Requirements:** * 15 years or older. * Understandable English. * An open mind just waiting to discuss the opportunities of League of Legends and bring in new engaging and fun ideas. * Want to be active both at the forum and in-game. * Wish to be part of something more than just a "group of people who play the same game". **Highlight video of one of our recent Fun Nights (where we play a lot of random fun game modes)** **How do I apply?** If you wish to apply and become a Sightstoner, go over to our humble site; , create an account and fill out an application at the forum. One of our leaders will take a look at it and answer your thread as soon as the decision has been made. Rules & Information can be found at our forum. **If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask. You can ask here or contact either of the following leaders ingame:.** Fishey ~ Clan Leader CV Kumo / Puduwan ~ Community Commander Fishjuice ~ Community Officer Gregory House ~ Community Officer Siyika ~ Community Officer Sincerely ~ The Sightstone Gaming Team

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