LeDoot Group - UK/EUW League based community. Any/All Elos welcome!

Doot doot! Hi there, we’re a small community of league players looking to expand our numbers. We range from college age to adults working full time, so we do have a fairly mature (if laid back) atmosphere and we mostly play evenings and weekends. All elos are welcome, we range from bronze up to diamond so don’t worry about having to play outside of your comfort level! We take winning semi-seriously and are always looking to learn and improve, but we try to make sure we’re having a bit of a giggle at the same time. What we provide: A fun environment to learn and play League in ranked or normals Regular 5’s Flex Queue Opportunities for other activities outside of just League of Legends: PC Edition (we run pathfinder sessions and a play a variety of other co-op games too) A diverse community of people to chat and hang out with! What we expect from our members: Be able to follow a few ground rules, as set out in the discord channels Be chill and considerate of others Be a dank memer So if that sounds of interest to you, drop us a line here or join the discord at https://discord.gg/gwPwYpg and bloop @scary spooky skeltons in the mr skeltals stapes channel to be given full access. And of course, thank Mr Skeltal!
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