Diamond support looking for a shelter !

Oy, boys and girls ! My name's Solomai (actually, I almost wish it was), and my dream is to find a team filled with people who are good enough to withstand my awesome skills, but also cool enough to not look at me with those mean eyes when I say something like this (see what I did there ?). Anyway, as the new season is approaching, I'd like to find THE team. You know, the one we can break through the skies with. Nah, I don't mean LCS, because I have a life, but playing a few times a week, and why not uniting for tournaments. I'd also like the people in this team to be super cool. My kind of teammates always want to improve, communicate during games, but never in a salty way; and strive for more fun/stupid (but surprisingly effective) comps/and also love playing with friends ! Enjoy AND work hard. How cool does that sound. About me, I've been playing support for a long, long time. My champ pool is basically everything that can be played as a support, hell, I can even play support Xerath. Not sure it's the best way to win, but it sure is fun with a Jhin. Oh, also, my Alistar sucks. Can't be perfect. I'm French, but worry not, my accent is not ze frenchy ouane. I'm usually pretty free, and if everyone wants to play, I'll do all I can to play on the right times. Cause I am that motivated. So, if you'd like to adopt a support for the new season, try the old ones ! They're more affectionate, and know better what they can do. ~~And you don't have to teach them where to pee...~~ Oh, I did go a tad too far in the metaphor. PM me in game, Solomai or Mister Rock Out ! Message me here if you want, but I might not see the message right away. Which would be sad. **Also, if you're a stray player yourself, and you recognize recognize yourself in this text, just pm me ! I don't mind building a team from scratch. ** Thank you for reading if you made it this far, and have fun on the Rift !
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