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Coach Blue Shelby
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Hy everybody. I will present myself. I am Marco Longo and I am a coach that 9 months ago decided to change role. I studied LOL and got coached by coaches how to coach, informed myself a lot. After the beginning I made myself a name in Italy and am well known in the new coaching site . I am used to get payed a lot from organistaions or multigamings cause of my professional way to work. I have a lot of offers from Italy and Germany cause I know English German and Italian pretty good. I am now looking for serious projects and wanted to see if I could find something interesting. I have a lot of offers but who knows. So I will just accept offers that are serious and well payed. As for contacting me: You can contact me on my FB site . Or add me in LOL CG Blue Shelby Thanks for the attention. CG Coach Blue Shelby

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