Avolon eSports Prime : Low Diamond - Master Tier Team (Looking For Players) ( Last Chance)

Avolon eSports
On 29th August 2015, Avolon eSports was founded. The Organisation was established by its owner Ciarán "Wings" Walsh. His first step in the organisation was to appoint Thor "Iced" as the Chief Gaming Officer(CGO). His job will be to focus on acquiring new talent and teams across all relevant...
What is Avolon eSports? The organisations goal is to help its players develop and to help them to perform at their best when in game. The organisation aims to build the best players that can compete on at a high level and enter and place well in tournaments. The organisation will also look to bring in streamers. The organisation will eventually aim to expand its horizons into different games such as CSGO, Smite etc. What does Avolon eSports offer? Teamspeak server 24/7! -Website with moderated forums -Mentors -Opportunities to grow as a player -Feature you as a streamer in our website -Match highlights posted on Youtube -Staff that will set you up so your ready for tournament day Our goals? -Competing at a high level -Improve our skills together -Compete in tournaments -Win -Reach Challenger in the near future Who are we looking for? - A Team or Players to play in this team - At Least high Plat to Master - 17+ - People that are willing to duo with each other and to improve together - Must be proficient in the role they play (be prepared to play that role in multiply ranked game + tournaments) - Willingness to listen to the coaching staff and to practice what they say. - Willing to accept that the coach has the strongest say on the team - Willing to learn what the coach tells you to learn Roles Filled : Manager : Myself Coach : MoneyDix / I will offer my help Roles Needed: Analyst: Myself / Recruiting Top: Recruiting Jungle: ALL I DO IS W1N Mid: Recruiting / Might be filled still apply ADC: Recruiting Support: Recruiting Sub: Recruiting Sub: Recruiting Sub: Recruiting How to join: Feel out the Form that will be located in the comments below We will be taking in applications and figuring out what approach we want to take to take our time with this decision so please be patient. For this process we will be looking through your extended match history, so that we know what kind of player you are, also their will be a tryout phase just to see what your attitude is. Please don't be discouraged to contact the people below if you have any questions about the roles. Add the Owner / Manager "Wings" LoL : Wingś Add the Coach "Levi" LoL : MoneyDix
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