Solo Player is looking for a team and or Players to play with

Hey Ho, i am a 35 Year Old casual Player who is looking for some ppl to Play in Group or Team. I life in Germany and speak pretty decend english i Think playing lol in a Team is more fun and gets better results than only solo. i am not a pro, and usually only Play a few hours in the evening sometimes i am not online for a couple of days due to famayl and reallife. and yes i am still Bronze and stuck there forever lost my silver promo 3 times in a row^^ i favor tankie Top lane and Suppor, i am really horrible with a squishi adc or tonns of Buttons assasins. so if u would like to Play with me (gez that sounds strange in english) just add me or contakt me. seeing Forward to have u on my Team. GG Manu aka Sangu
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