Exile Gaming Recruiting [Serious&Casual] [LF Coaches]

_Exile Gaming Looking for people like you!_ **Who are we?** We are Exile Gaming!. We are a new community for league of legends players by League of Legends players. We are dedicated to make a community for others and creating the best experience as possible! **Who can join?** This server is for everybody! No matter what server you are from or what rank you are, you can be a part of Exile Gaming! This isn't your typical community, we're for league players by league players. We understand you are here to play and make friends or play serious and play with a team! If you have a team you can also join the discord, we will set you up with private channels and management (optional)! **Register ** _1. IGN 2.Current rank 3.When do you have time 4.Op.gg link 5.Main role 6.Champion pool 7. Age 8. Casual/Serious _ **For Casual players ** Casual people need to go true a social trail for 7 days. (5 members need to give feedback to the community manager ) ** Players that wanna play in a team** needs to fill in a application on the board post After the fill in the application some staff member will take contact with the player, And interview him. (silver/gold elo needs 50% end result to be able to join ) (plat dia needs 75% end result to be able to join ) **We are Looking For Coaches** Are you dedicated to coach other people to the top? Joining major tournaments or small tournaments! are you dedicated to make your team a succes. **We are looking for coaches** _Open teams to be coached!_ Diamond Team Platinum Team 2x Gold Team Ask our Community manager for more info! (join our discord) Discord link: https://discord.gg/c9kWFmB Kind Regards, Exile Gaming {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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