Support Main looking for Duo/Team/Anything really!

Currently Gold 1 on this account, playing only support, so far only solo - but with no luck. Sadly, I get matched with clueless people quite a lot! I have an account on the other EU server, currently Diamond 5 - climbed it playing Top/Jung, but I'd much rather play support! So! Looking for some people to dynamic queue. Preferably smurfs around the same rank, though if you are a good player from gold/platinum/silver, we can play too! (And that means have a -good- game history, not just saying 'Hey, I'm good') Here's my game history: Even when losing, I usually perform the best in my team. I'm kinda tired of having to carry as a support. I'd much rather just.. You know, support. So! If you have what it takes, hit me up!
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