Plat II Support looking for a nice team !

Hey everybody ! Main support, right now Plat III, me, is looking for a cool ranked team ! I don't know if anyone plays music, but support is pretty much the same as a bassist role. You carry but all your flashy plays really matter in the team as a whole. Not on a personal level. That's why it's way better to share it in a team ! So, I'm looking for players who want to have fun while tryharding (I like tryharding, but not always, sometimes you just need to let it go man !) in a ranked team or in dynamic, though I prefer the team. I prefer high gold to low diamond ELO players, it's my level range right now. I basically play every support, I change a lot. I have room for improving on every one of them, that's for sure. I love Vel'Koz when it comes to damages, though it doesn't really work anymore :(, Braum or Thresh when it comes to CC/Tanking, and Zilean, Sona or Janna when you have to play the boring part, hehe. Although I kind of main Zilean. I can play 4 evenings every week, maybe more, maybe less, my job has weird timings; and I can install whatever vocal system you're fine with. And hm... I prefer more mature people to play with. I'm not asking for any age, but hey, you have to have at least nice jokes in stock. So, if you think we can build something together, or you want to create a team, whatever project you're with, if it means playing LoL with nice people, I'm in ! Just message me here or add me IG : Solomai. I might take a little while to answer, but I will ! Cya soon on the Rift !
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