Project Exodus! The Fresh New LoL Team Community on the Block!

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Our founders are a group of people that have hopped from server to server and seen potential in each one, but they havent been right for us, so we decided to take something special from each and create our own take on a LoL community, behold PROJECT EXODUS!!! {{summoner:1}} **I see you call yourself a team community? What does that mean?** {{sticker:sg-janna}} It means that each and every member of our community will be encouraged to create or join an existing team, each team in our community will be closely monitored and helped to give the best possible experience while you are in our community. We believe when people are part of a team they develop strong friendships that can last a long time, and people become more involved in the League of Legends community as a whole. When our community has a respectable amount of teams we will host inhouse tournaments between all teams that are interested in participating, and in the future we hope to grant winning teams great prizes to join in professional tournaments! We will also be hosting general events that anyone without a team can also join! Eventually when the community grows it will also have a leaderboard system to keep the community competitive! The top 3 players and teams will be given special and unique roles in the server to show off to the other members! {{summoner:6}} **We do have some requirements for people interested in joining;** * You must be at least 16 years old * You must understand this community will have a very competitive atmosphere, if this is going to make you toxic you should try to improve your attitude before you join * Youre going to be part of a team, so you need to be an active League of Legends player. * If you are going to create a team here you are going to need to be responsible for managing and filling your own team, however, our Admins will always be happy to help you along the way. Right now the community is brand new, so there are very few people here right now, but there are two teams that need extra members, we hope you understand. If this community sounds like its up your alley then come and join and give us a visit! :D We look forward to seeing you! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}

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