Seeking a Coach!

Hi there {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Are you looking for a challenge? Working with an array of different ELO teams, on different ingame and out of game coaching techniques? We're looking for Coaches with an array of Different Experiences and Attitudes; it doesn't matter too much on ELO (Gold+ would be an advantage) who would be willing to commit to a developing a program over the next 6 months. As a Coaching Team, you would be offering a range of Coaching experiences either to individuals, teams or Stream/Community wide. I'm looking for energy, passion and a willingness to work within a team. Main training times at on Wednesdays/Sundays from 7pm - 9pm BST (so you'll need to be mostly available for these) Working Microphone, and knowledge of Discord would be most useful. Currently, we have an array of teams ranging from Bronze to Diamond, and this role is one of many that will ensure that each of those teams is supported as best as possible. Pop me an add on League for a chat, Sole
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