We still need players for our team (silver5-gold3)

Hello, We are 2 players looking for 3 other players to fill up the rest of our team We do already have a midlaner(me) and adc(STP Predator) gold 5 and gold 4. So we are still looking for a support, top and jungler. Right now we are only looking for a support! We look for this kind of players: - silver 5 - gold 3 - no flaming in the team - people who have the motivation to play - people who are willingly to learn from the other members of the team - people who can talk english and have skype/teamspeak/discord/curse - people who agree to a training schedule that we will make later on as soon as we have each role filled in (we are keeping in mind that you all have things to do) If you have any more questions, please consider to comment on this post. People who will join the team get more information about the team itself later on.
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