Silver/Gold adc looking for support

Hey there, I'm currently unranked but my mmr is that of a high silver low gold player. I'm an adc main and I'm looking for a support main to duo with. I want someone who is dedicated at being a better player, so if you tilt easily this is not for you. As I said I want someone who can look back at their games and focus on their mistakes and improving their gameplay. That means you probably watch pro games as well with the goal of being better. I couldn't stress this enough, but I want someone who is dedicated to becoming better at league and also becoming a better bot lane. It doesn't matter if you are bronze, silver or gold, all that matters is that you want to be better and are ready to accept you make mistakes and be willing to fix them. If you feel match the description and are ready to play a lot of duo queue matches with me, feel free to leave a reply! Cheers!
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