30y old B5 jungle/top main is looking for duoQ partners...

first and foremost: i suck. take that as a given. i'm in b5 and that's not without reason. while i got put in silver last Season (i started playing lol late in s6) i got bumped down to b5 this Season and i'm having kind of a hard time climbing back up...while i'm not looking someone to just carry me up the ladder i feel like the biggest reason for the games in this elo being so hard and unpredictable ist the utter lack in communication (meaningful communication that is...no lack of swearing and flaming for sure ^^). so if you're a grown up, laid back, yet still motivated and driven league player, willing to play duo ranked with me from time to time, msg me in game please...or just answer that post. also i usually communicate via skype.
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