[Gold/Plat] Mid/Supp main looking for a ranked team, and players in general

Hello! Let's start with the ranked teams: I got a craving recently for some ranked teams 5v5, and so I am looking for a team, to do just that. I like to think I'm a decent player, and I don't flame or bm (unless severely provoked) as I try to keep a positive vibe in each game. For the technicalities; I am online a lot (but usually not on a set schedule, so I can't really tell you for more than a week in advance), I do have a mic and speak English (got Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, ... you name it) and I'm prepared to take any sort of try-outs . I think I covered the most important parts, if there's anything else you'd need to know, message me. That aside, I find my friend list to be on the short side some times, so I'd like to expand it a bit. If you're a chill person, feel free to add me. I don't really care about what rank you are, as I believe in improvement through experience (I can also help you up your game/rank a bit, but then again, I am only high Gold/low Plat). I do need you to be able to at least write in comprehensible English, since my language pool is a bit limited :P Also know, that If I find you flaming or otherwise disrespecting someone without a very good reason, I will remove you as soon as I am able. I get that some games you can get very angry, but if it persists, that's a no-no for me. Well, that's about all I've got to say, if you have questions, ask them :) GL & HF

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