Looking for a duoQ partner for S6 [SILVER/GOLD]

Hello guys Im looking for a **SEASON 6 DuoQ partner**. First I let you know, Im really sceptic about any players in this _elohell_. So if you want to join or try out how is the team-work gonna be, you have to know that League of Legends is the team game. You can not be selfish, you have to know how to play, where to ward, let kills to carries etc. Im 23yo guy with decent English level. Main **JNGL/SUP** but if needed I can fit to any role. What do I expect form you? To be a smart and nice boy or girl, who can talk on **SKYPE** or **TEAMSPEAK**. Who will die for his teammates if needed, who will protect our carry no matter what and focus enemy carries till they will suffer in hell. Dont be shy to add me, we can talk, play some normal game and see if our cooperation goes well. **CHEERS ! ** SKT T1 LEEE SIN

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