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_Finding a new community is like looking for a new home. You want it to be a warm and fun place where you feel welcome and we are trying to give you exactly this feeling!_ _**What is TAW and what do we offer?**_ The Art of Warfare (TAW) is broken up into several divisions in which their members participate in weekly scheduled trainings/practices and occasional (optional) events like tournaments and recently added in our EUW Battalion including EUNE: watching movies together, karaoke nights, drawing games, etc. We want our members to enjoy their time together, make new friends and experience a safe gaming environment. _**What sets us aside from other gaming communities?**_ TAW was formed in 2001 by members who played Delta Force: Land Warrior together. From these humble beginnings TAW has grown into an organization unlike any other. This reflects on our Code of Ethics and our Chain of Command (CoC). Both of these are formed on a military basis. This includes having ranks like they do in the army, etc. Every member in TAW (around 2400+ members) abides by our Code of Ethics. Each game we play hosts its own mini-environment that operates within the whole of TAW making us the large community we are. From FPS games to MMORPGs - you name it - we have it all. _**What do you need?**_ 1. A working microphone (not a big issue if you don't, make sure to communicate through texting!) 2. Teamspeak 3 3. Practical experience in the English language _**How do you apply?**_ To apply go to and click on apply in the top right corner. Make sure to check your e-mail regularly for updates on your application. If you want it to go faster, leave your In-game name in the application! And don’t forget to check your spam folder! :) For additional information contact the members below: EUW: Kitten, Head Drill Instructor of EUW Battalion In-game name - Amazing Kitten (EUW); email - Zyglak, Commanding Officer of EUW Battalion In-game name - Zyglak (EUW); email - EUNE: Smokex, Commanding Officer of EUNE Battalion In-game name - Smoke3 (EUNE); email - Treefall, Head Drill Instructor of EUNE Battalion In-game name - Swaggggggggg (EUNE); email - **If you are interested in joining our growing community, we believe that you will find TAW to be a welcoming and accepting group of good people who want to enjoy their gaming experience! ** I hope to see you apply soon! - Kitten {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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