G2 Support LF Duo/Team

Maining support since season 1 Happy to play any support that is needed in a team with 2 exceptions: Alistar: To easy to make that classic mistake and save someone. Blitz: Not a bad champion but in my honest opinion Thresh is by far the superior pick over blitz. In duo queue I prefer a more win lane win game aggressive approach, match up permitting of course. Graves/Leona Kalista/Thresh Though I'm always happy to ruin a Leona's day by taking Janna who works well with just about anyone. If i HAD to name my top three it would probably be Thresh/Leona/Janna, as I said though I'm comfortable playing anyone. English speaking is a must. Preferably looking for a more mature team/duo partner. Voice comms vital, I'm happy to join on any form of VOIP. Honesty and constructive criticism is always welcome. Feel free to add me in-game, I have no problem with joining for some trial games to be sure I synergise well with the team/duo partner.
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