[RANK IS NOT COMPULSORY] We are looking for long-term players who are willing to join a serious team, we manage and love to see our team grow but we always create a comfortable atmosphere for the team as we do not want any players to feel pressure but we are looking for experienced players. A final word of advice- negativity and toxicity is strongly prohibited and is quickly punished with a kick. If you are interested in joining a fun but serious team then respond below answering these questions: * In-game name? * Top/ favorite 5 champions (or list of champions you are confident with)? * Strengths/ Weaknesses? * Active or Very Available account - what is your schedule? (We are looking for players who can commit to scheduled practice) * What experience do you have? * Skype/TS/ Curse - Communication is a priority. * Rank is not compulsory but we are looking for experienced players. Tell us why we should add you? * Tell me about yourself. You will be added by either SnowEmperor (me) or iKáya (manager of team) [formerly Masters] to let you know if we see potential in you.
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