Besatt Esport LF Dedicated Coach

Hi! I am the team captain for the League of legends Main team for Besatt Esports! We are currently looking for a coach that could help us improve even more then we already have! A little about us - Our team has 4 Norwegians players and the org is stationery in Norway, we also have 2 Swedish players that live close to Oslo so we can attend to lans easier. - We got a 6 man rooster with 2 Top laners, one that plays as main and the other as a sub. - We are all dia 5+ - We are all committed on the team, that means we play every day on a schedule that we have prepared for each week. - We want to play! We play as many games as we can but at the same time we try to stay as try-hard as we possible can, so we usualy look to play scrims and/ or Tournaments! ( 2nd, 3rd and 4th place on the weekly ESL tournament) - We have a good management staff! The manager as we like to call him, has been challenger tier on many season and spent a lot of hours on the Big MRR! What we want - The team want to become as good as we possible can! Right now we play for the most of the time against Dia 1 + Elo on the ranked teams and also have a good scrim partner with a dia 2+ team! - If we are able to attend to a lan we will go! we want to show ourselves that we are a team that can go far! and we want to go far! What kind of a coach are we looking for? - What we want from a coach is that he has a lot of experience in both watching and playing the game - That you have some experience coaching from before, preferably but not a must! - Are updated on the meta from pro plays like LCS, LCK, LMS ... If you are interested add me on League or send me a mail. IGN EUW: IG Taisa Mail: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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