ADC (Mastry 7 Kalista Ashe Vayne) main LF Gold+ Support or Team

Played for a month last year but not very intensive. Now picked it up again in June. [Ive played 4 placements for ranks so far:]( Two planned games winning vs high gold. One unplanned game, where I thought it was normal draft and played lucian (my handful of games playing him as adc caster), loosing to a Gold 5 vayne main (smurf?) at an all in at 6. Yeah I asked for gank from jungler, she made her way as Id pulled wave to our tower... they back off, she backs off, they go back in all in... :( This is when I find out it's ranked, and it's downhill from here. everyone was silver except the Gold5 vayne opposite and myself unranked. Last game someone again invites me but I spot it. I play vayne, I snowball our mid snow balls, they surrender at 20. These were ranked bronze/silver. Did the loss mean Im ranked vs lower elo, possibly, is my placement going to be much lower now. maybe. :( Anyhow, looking for a Gold+ support for draft practice, looking to do ranks once we sync, aiming to finish placements entering in at least gold.
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