Serious Team looking for TOP LANER!

Greetings, we search a **Main Top Laner** with a minimum Soloq elo: Plat2 ! You should be able to play the most or better all Top laner of the current Meta. Some Imformations about us: Jungle: SoloQ Plat3, from Denmark Mid: SoloQ Dia5, from Germany Support: SoloQ Plat3, from Germany Adc: SoloQ Dia4, from England We played very much games together and have a solid Teamplay. We have fun BUT we take every single game serious! We want improve our individual Skill and the Team Skill, to get as good as we can. We try to play as much together as possible and we want try to play some tournaments if we think we are ready for it! We only talk in english on Ts3 - We got a Ts3 server. What we expect from you: Most played champions only top laners Ts3 - Headset Minimum SoloQ elo: Plat2 - that's very important! Friendly and like to get critics to improve If you think your the best for this job, then just Add me Ingame : "Centaury". Dont be shy, just ask me questions if you have some! Our Team is actually Gold2 (10-3), nobody of us had Team MMR last season thats why we are just Gold atm.
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