Find teammates for the Slumber Party IP Weekend!

Greetings everyone. This weekend from **Friday, 8am until Monday 8am** you will gain up to **450% bonus IP** if you team up with friends. We know that not all of you have 4 friends available at all times, which is why we (the Volunteers) happily open our brand new Discord server for you guys. You can find two channels for EUW and EUNE games, as well as a general chat room. --- _If you have any questions or issues, please comment here or contact one of the Volunteers on Discord :)_ # [CLICK HERE TO JOIN!]( **Good luck & Have fun** farming your IP this weekend ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} **EDIT 1:** It is extremely useful to set your Discord name to your ingame summoner name, this is not mandatory though, just saying ^^ --- **EDIT 2:** *yay rules!* **tl;dr: Follow all Boards & ingame rules, you're fine!** - Don't be a jerk - If you want to intentionally lose games to farm IP, this is not the right server for you! - Please report misbehaving users of the Discord to a Volunteer via. DM (screenshots might be helpful)
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