LF a girl for dynamicQ. silver or higher.

Ill keep this simple. I got pretty nice win rate and Im going for diamond in next month, and getting D alone is boring, so im looking for a girl with who I can share my D. there're few things you gotta be able to do/have. 1. be girl, preferable 14+ no krepo jokes please. 2. know english - so we can communicate like decent human beings 3. be higher than silver 5 - since im gold and cant duo with bronzies 4. listen to me - Its fine to have your opinion but if I say I want you to do "X" I want you to do that, period. 5. be somewhat decent looking - please dont apply if you weight more than 100 kgs. 6. EUW master race 7. Have time to play - at least once a week. that's it. if you want to apply, please write downthere or add me and pm me. keep it short, state your name, age, picture and goals. thanks for attention c:
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