UK/EU Team [Digital Warfare] LF a ADC to tryout

Hi there I am Jakey. I'm the head recruiter for a community called Digital Warfare. A team and community that is currently focused on League of Legends. We have already established ourselfs within the UK League of Legends scene by attending Lan events and forming close relationships with other pro teams. We already have Gold and Platinum teams but we are looking to expand into the Diamond + Division I'm writing this today because I am looking for some new Diamond 3+ ADC to join our new team that is being formed. I am primarily looking for a ADC player to join our team. Preferable from the UK (This is not essential) Though we do have a couple of requirements to join the team such as; 1:Own a Microphone. 2:Have Teamspeak installed. 3:Minimum age of 18 4:Able to speak English Please fill out the questions below and paste the answers below. They will be reviewed as soon as possible. If you are successful for team tryouts, I will contact you ingame. Many thanks Jakey About you First Name: Ingame Name: Age: Role: Op.GG profile: Brief Description about yourself? Any previous team communities? What are your goals for joining a team?
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