Team Asteroid Recruiting Now!

Hello, I am TuckFits a Gold 5 player recruiting players interested in a Semi-Serious team. So Asteroid will be training 3-4 times a week to try and climb the ranks as high as we can get so I will need devoted and active league of legends players to join. Requirements to join: * Available 7pm - 10pm GMT+1 on most nights of the week, days not yet discussed * Silver 2 + * Speak fluent English * Have access to teamspeak * Main the role you apply for * Be friendly The roles available are So add me in game or comment below these questions... 1. IGN - 2. Main Role - 3. Champion Pool - 4. League and Division e.g. Gold 5 - 5. Available on the times discussed above? - 6 - Access to teamspeak? - Thanks very much guys! :D Look forward to seeing you :) Sam - TuckFits
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