Looking for a ranked 5v5 team. Can play Support or Jungle.

Hey I am currently looking to join a team that is an actual team and not a group of 5 people playing solo queue. This is my first season playing, I would prefer to play either in the Jungle or Support as I feel those are my strongest roles. I have multiple communication networks like teamspeak. I mention this because I believe one of the strongest points to playing as a team is communication and I am looking for a team that has or is trying to progress through the ranks that has solid team play or is working towards having the team play. Supports I like to play are Janna, Thresh, Leona and Braum. However I can work on Alistar if needed to. Jungle I can play Rek'sai, Sejuani and Gragas. Also willing to pick up others if the team requires them. If you are interested in trialing me then I am available to play from the 19th of June as I am currently away on Holiday and the internet here is not great. for the mean time add me in game, RyForan, and we can talk from there. Thanks for you time guys :)

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