Ex "pro" needs help from D5+ to get back after a long break

As you can see on my forum profile, I was diamond since it was released back in the end of season 2. I used to play real high quality games in both solo and team ranked. After my team got disbanded ( I didn't have much time to play :< ) I took a longlonglong break from LoL and I only came back like a week before every season ends to get my diamond border. This season I was really unlucky as right when I got diamond promos - my internet died. It got back 3 days after the season ended. This put me in some hard tilt/curse/wtf mode and I'm "wtfed" enough to believe in elohell. I'm currently stuck in plat and my allies usually simply die even before they reach lvl2 in lane. I'm pretty scared to play aggressive and I usually end up with least deaths in team. I don't want to blame my teammates, because I remember I used to hard carry even in D3. Platinum games I used to go 20/0 or something. I need someone to help me get back into the game, by simply putting come comments on my gameplay or even duo in flex/normal. Please contact me if you'd like to help. I would be very grateful. Fiction
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