[DIA5+] LF adc for duo q

Hi, I'm Emilie, 21 yo and from Norway, but I speak decent english. I haven't had much motivation lately to play league when playing solo, and it's quite boring as a support main. At least for me. I'm looking for an adc to practice with, improving and climb the ladder. I'm up for watching replays and use custom games to learn more. I would like to find someone with a serious mindset, but also know how to have fun. One that is not easily tilted and have good knowlegde about macro game. **Champion pool: **Nami, Karma, Lulu, Janna **Learning/improving:** Malzahar, Zyra, Rakan, Thresh **Requirements:** 16+ Diamond V+ No toxic attitude _(don't spam chat in game)_ Functional mic with Discord/TS3/Skype _(Got server) _ Add me on "Lady From Norway" for a friendly chat Cheers, Emilie

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