BreeZe eSports looking for Adc (D5+)!

Hello fellow summoners! I´m trying to create a serious ranked team, filled with fun people, to compete against other teams. It´s not my first time being a team leader, so dont worry, I know how to organize things. To introduce our team constellation, I’ll be starting off with myself. My name is Daniel(IGN BreeZe KeroX). I am a 15-years-old Midlaner and I’ve been playing League since the end of season 3. I am also rather a relaxed guy who doesn't get tilted easily. (Don’t worry, I might be pretty young but i definitely know how to behave on an adult level ;) Our Jungler is called Christoph (IGN: BreeZe Fade), 20-years-old and is also hard to tilt. Our goals: playing tournaments having nice conversations with you all reaching Master and maybe more :)! Oh yeah, btw, im German/Hun, but dont worry, i´m fine with english too! So, what are we looking for?- We are looking for an ADC with enough game experience to play with us and having similar goals (DIAMOND 5+) You gotta have time at least 3 times a week for training, scrims, tournaments etc. U need to be open for discussions after the game, to improve our teamplay. (We would recommend having some kind of “shotcalling experience”, but its not necessary) What are we able to provide to you? First of all we got a proper organisation, as i have been leading a team before where I was competeting in Cups or other League-of-Legends tournaments. Also I created a lot of brackets to determine an appropriate training schedule. If you are interested, feel free to add me on my LoL account Greetings Daniel // BreeZe KeroX, Christoph // BreeZe Fade P.S. Im giving a chance for Platinum 2+ too, If your stats are looking well!

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