Currently P3 looking for duo, entire team for dynamic Q or simply normals :-)

Hello there EUNE summoners! Im 21 years old guy who plays jungle/mid (eventaully top lane). For past 3 seasons I was ending up in D1-3 and wasn't really pushing for master tier. Recently I came back to League after few months break and I have hard time carrying people in platinum. That's why im looking for at least one person which would help me. Im a calm guy who always tries to keep a head in the game but also likes to laugh from time to time (or a lot if its normal 4fun :D) I require just few things if there comes to rankeds: - TeamSpeak3 - I've got my own server, so there is no problem. I can speak english and polish. - Divison at least platinum - Age: 17+ - I want people who wants actually to improve. If You are a god - skip this point :^) - Think, think and one more time **THINK**. - And besides that - **HAVE FUN! (>^,^)>**
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