Aetas eSports - LFP DUTCH + BELGIUM

#AETAS eSports - Benelux eSports company AETAS is a professional esports organization for 18+. With players originated from the Benelux we are a sociable gaming community with the Dutch language as the common tongue. Next to our community we have an Esports club whose target is becoming the top team of the world in their game. With our previous performances in the Esports with games like Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield 3 at LAN parties. We would like to continue our road to victory in the games like Counterstrike and League of legends! all started 5 years ago with the clan called Dutch Xtreme Gamerz ( DxG ) . This clan was started in December 2008 with a small number of members. But mostly friends of each other. When the clan got more members, we become larger. And with that amount of members, we started working with teams. And everything was well organized, we had alot of fun with the whole group. DxG also had a lot of setbacks by teams that joined. These teams had a very nice talk and took a lot of people away from DxG . But we continued, and still fighting for our clan. After more games came out we also wanted to work more seriously. Also with our teams , we wanted to achieve more than ever before . Here we started again with a fresh perspective on everything . We started AETAS eSports with beautifull goals in mind. Ofcourse we will do our best at any time at any esports event including lan’s. #League of Legends Teams: ##Silver Teams: **AETAS PhoenixGaming** **AETAS PhoenixBlue** **AETAS PhoenixRed** ##Gold Teams: **AETAS PhoenixYellow** **AETAS PhoenixWhite** ##Platinum Teams **AETAS PhoenixGO** **AETAS PhoenixPurple** ##Diamond Teams **AETAS PhoenixBlack** #Hoe join je? Reageer hier onder met ons apply form. Die vind je onder aan dit bericht. Het is mogelijk te joinen als: **Solo Player** Join als community lid **Team Player** Join als team lid **Team Apply** Join met jou team #Apply Form: Naam: Elo: Leeftijd: Mains: Reden: Comptetive of academy: Laneable? Ervaring: #Staff: Manager: Haan037 Manager: AE SonOfTorture Academy Manager: AE DutchGuy

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