Team Night Looking for more Gold+ for ranked team! [Age 16+] [Active] [Discord]

**League of legends players!** I made a ranked team for fun and for serious players we currently got 8 people but we need more! Atm, _1 toplaner 1 jungler 1 mid laner 2 adc's ~~3 support's~~ _ We looking for more adc's midlaners junglers and toplaners. We play all day long so no time needed but u need to be active! also gold 5+ have a microphone Speak english just standard english Age 16+ cuz we want to be a bit serious and not ragers;) We play when we are with 5 or with 3 on flex queue how more people join how more games we could play. We also make rank 1 team rank 2 team and rank 3 team so u can grow in the group aswell! Who is in? and who is excited to play in a team? Add: [Nightfly] also type to me! not wait for an awnser Kind regards, **Team Night**

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