Looking for an aggressive support!

Hey guys so as the title says I'm basically looking for an aggressive support. **_About me:_** * Rank: Currently: **_Silver 2_** Highest I got: **_Gold 2_** (Season 6) * Roles: I **can play every lane** but I mainly play **ADC **(kind of) because I am an** one trick Jinx**. The thing is I can also play other ADC's too but I'm most confident with Jinx. Now you might ask: _But what if the enemy picks Jinx?_ - Well I have no problem with it actually as I know my champ and how to counter most things. * Playstyle: Now this is the most important bit where I get a bit frustrated. ** First of all:** I do mistakes too! And I'm not the kind of guy to flame or blame my teammates!! So with this being said I'd like to point out what my problem currently is: My Playstyle is **very** aggressive, I **harrass **enemies and **push strongly **too. So whenever I get a support who is playing **defensive **it is never working out very well and I fail too. It is basically like having a high-end gamer PC but playing Solitaire or something else like that on it (I can't use my full potentional). And in the end I get flamed at for "being bad" or "how did you get mastery 7 on jinx" even though my farm is always higher than those of my mates but they only look for KDA (many people in Silver don't get it). * What am I looking for: Basically like I said three (now four) times an aggressive support. Preferably a support who can **buff **but I am fine with anything as long you have **balls **and know how to **poke, zone** and **ward **:) Your rank should be **Silver 3 or above**. It would be perfect if you are in the same situation as me and were gold too but got ranked into silver now. * Me as a Person: Well this is just a game and I don't get too upset about this but to be honest the only thing I don't like are flamers. I really don't care if my team is feeding. I try to help and give advice but if one guy thinks flaming helps the team I tell him to shut up. Thanks for reading! If you think you might be the one leave a comment with your summoner name down below and I will add you! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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