Svenskt lag LF top, mid, jung I Hög plat/låg dia

Looking for Diamond V and higher players, no exceptions. We are currently looking to create a 5 man squad. The roster currently consists of two people, me and my support. We are looking for 3 new members, A toplaner, A midlaner and a jungler. We would prefer to have people situated in Sweden, but it is not a requirement. We do however want our new members to be at least Diamond V or higher. The reason for this is because our adc is currently Diamond V in solo Q, and i have former experience as i played in a platinum 1 team last season. I have shotcalling experience, however, we would prefer if our jungler or mid laner have some experience in this area as it would help out the team dynamic even more. Other requirements include: Having either Skype or Teamspeak Having free time during evenings No flaming or Negative attitude, these players will not even be considered!

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