LF GOOD and I mean good, Top, ADC and Jungle for Tournament - Thursday (Mid Plat - High Dia)

This is just part of experience as I've never participated in one before. Furthermore I can say its more closely to the fun side then serious, but then again , it quite isnt. I am a very competitive person after all and still prefer winning. I need RP in order for myself to achieve something faster because I have a dream to make come true as soon as I can. You have to be good, I'm not kidding, because again, prefer winning as so should you. You have to have TS for communication. This is no serious or permanent team unless I take interest in you in something more of a serious team matter. For the members now, We are **Team Elimination [ TNI ] ** and I hope we can become friends. We have an ADC but we want to find the best ADC or Jungler because if we don't find that role, he will do either ADC or Jungle because he suits both. Jungler/ADC , Diamond 4 Midlaner, myself, Platinum 2 Support, Gold 5 = I want to see how he handles higher elo, I believe in him, and he is good from what I have always remembered. He is the only one that may be this elo because I know him and how he plays for a long long time. Thank you, Zoru.

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