FTB Endless Pape LF Gold-Plat Players

Hey Guys, we are 3 Players Currently. Our Former Team was Silver 2 but we just never played a lot together. On Botlane is Anton the cook and me playing. On Toplane Dream of Yuuki. We are now looking for some ambitious Jungler and Midlaner to fullfill the team. There are a fiew requirements: -Be atleast Gold5 -Be Polite and unterstand criticism and try not to tilt -Be Super Active -Be online on Trainingtimes, if you cant just say it via Whatsapp/Facebook -Have some Mic and speak decent English in Teamspeak -Be punctual on Trainingtimes -Play Mid/Jungle (We are LF both) If we played a Good time together our Clan management will look for GoldScrim Teams and we can play some smaller tournaments. C U :) Add me Ingame and comment below if possible.
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