Forming a SERIOUS Team - Aiming season 6 challenger

Hello guys, my name is Samuel, I am from Denmark, and I am trying to form a team to go for season 6 challenger here on EU-NE **The Requirements:** **1.** Have a positive attitude towards playing the game. That is the most important requirement. We are not looking for people who will rage at the entire world when they lose. **2. **Be in a serious state of mind when playing Ranked. We understand this game is meant for fun, but when you play with a team, at a serious environment, every small mistake matters. Be a focused player and you're halfway in! **3.** You need to have some free time available for gaming. A player that plays 1 game a day can not efficiently progress, and as a team that spends more time and effort at practicing and evolving. **4. **Always be willing to learn new champions, builds, methods, strategies and even roles. You can't anticipate every single move the enemy team makes, but you can be prepared for it! **5. **Be experienced in the role. We do not require you to be in a specific division, but we are looking for people who shows a greater understanding of the game. That isn't always implied from your division. **6.** Since communication is a major element in premade 5vs5, you will be required to have a microphone and Teamspeak. **7.** We have a facebook group/chat where we can contact each other and schedule. Roles open for tryout Jungle, Mid and Support **Application: Nationality: Age: Jungling Experience: 5v5 team peak division: SoloQ Peak divison: Something about me: What I am best at: What I need to improve on: Whan am I able to play throughout a week:** That's it folks! If you think you can contribute to our team, make an application. If any questions, please contact me (TidyLongitude) or Schow. Have a nice day!
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