✪ [EUW] GLB are Looking for Diamond+ players ✪

Hi There, I am the co-founder of GabenLaserBeam, a small to medium size gaming community who is looking to remake our Diamond European League team. We have previously had LAN winning Diamond League of Legends team's but are now looking to create a new improved team supported by a better and more efficient infrastructure to the team. We Currently are in talks with various CS:GO teams in signing them up and are trying to boast the League of legends side , besides our Low Elo Tournament Winning UK Team. What we are looking for (Players): - Players of Diamond Elo or above in SoloQ. - Able to communicate via our Teamspeak 3 server. - Must be able to communicate very well in English. - Committed members to the team, who are willing to practice at least 4 days a week. (To be Discussed) - Players looking to improve and receive criticism and be able to give criticism without any toxicity. What we a able to provide: - A good active community with friendly members. - 512 Licensed Teamspeak server. - Website, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter + Twitch coverage. - An Experienced LAN Winning Community. - Also competed and won in many online Tournaments. - Coaching and Managing Staff. If you are interested please add me in-game so we can discuss further if needed and when we have enough people we can do some tryouts. To Clarify, before people have confusion. I will not be playing in the team, I will provide management services until we recruit a Team Manager. Kind Regards, GLB Plausible. {{champion:60}}
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