New team recruiting (bronze,silver) with coach. All roles are available

Hello there summoner, I'm planning to create a ranked team consisting of Bronze and Silver players who have a positive and serious attitude and are willing to take on this project for the long term. Hello my name is Jesper and I'm an experienced coach working as an analyst for a diamond team but now I want to start something on my own. I really want to put a lot of effort in this team. I will talk individually with each player and also with the whole team. Sometimes I want to show something that I want the team to think about and then I want everyone to listen. I will have some tryouts and I want to have 2 teams in one so there is always one sub if someone can't play. If this goes well, we will play some tournaments too. I hope there is some people who wants to join. Please read the following carefully if interested. What are the requirements? -You must be ranked under gold 5 in season 6 -You must own at least 50 champions -You need to have a positive attitude and be open to constructive criticism -You need to speak English at a confident level for communication purposes -You need to have a microphone for voice chat. (Skype and curse or discord) ,not teamspeak. -You need to be online often The team is going to consist of 5 players and 5 subs. Everyone will have a chance to play with the team. How do I apply? -You can apply by responding to this thread with the following information: Age: Country: The role you want to play, (only one)!: Rank: How many champions you have: Anything else you like to say: I WONT ACCEPT ANY FRIEND REQUESTS. I WILL LOOK ON THE COMMENTS AND CHOOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE WRITTEN A COMMENT LIKE YOU SHOULD DOWN BELOW. Hope to see you in my team!
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