Diamond support up for adoption.

G'day people. Name is **Solomai**, 7 years old, always up to play, and very attached to the family who adopts him. Vaccinated, not tatooed nor castrated. **Very clean**, and is able to do lots of tricks. **Never barks agressively**, just when needed or when happy. Also a very good guard, he will always defend you from incoming danger and will chase scared postmans. He also knows when the danger is too high, but trust us, he ain't no coward, and **will never abandon his family in front of danger**. His favorite toys are, surprisinlgy, plushies of **every support champion** in the video game League of Legends, except the Alistar one. He gets weirded out everytime he sees an Alistar plushie, for some reason. He also loves playing with wards, just throw some his way and you'll be up for hours of fun. He's looking for a family of 4 members, but doesn't like children. He needs a safe home where he can just snooze on everyone's laps, and he **hates people who yell at him if he makes a mistake**. He prefers understanding people, who help him not to make the mistake again. If you're kind to him, **he'll definitely give back a lot !** If you wish to adopt Solomai, type his name in the League of Legends client, or let your local Animal Protection Society contact you back by giving your info in the box below. Thank you for him !

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