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Hello. I am looking to create a team for casual and ranked. You do not have to be pro, you can be either from bronze 5 or from gold 4, it does not matter. I am planning to make a fresh team, I can play top, adc, mid, support and jungle in that order. In fact Id like to find 3 people from here (EUW) since only 4 people are allowed to go to dynamicque. This new team`s first goal is to find each player their role they are fit and prefer. Secondly, this team will be enjoying the game first and foremost and then thirdly, this team is going to enter ranked at some point so our ultimate goal is to reach to the top. If you would like to be part of it, then please reply here and I would appreciate it if you would fill out this sort of application form: Summoner name: What role would you like to play if you already know where you want to go: Your age: Country/timezone(GMT): Hours of when you can play: This application form is not mandatory, but it will help sort things out quicker. Rules: 1. Have fun ( but not on the account of other fellow teammates in a bad way) 2. DO not be toxic, salty, flamer So far this is it.
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