Diamond support LF serious 5's Team

**IGN:** Lady From Norway *(People who add me for my ign will be deleted)* **Rank:** Diamond 5 **Role:** Support **Age:** 20 **From:** Norway **Top 5 champs:** Janna, Nami and Braum *(These are my best champions in soloQ, when I start playing in a team my best championpool will consist on meta and what my team needs me to play)* **How often do you play?** I play every day. I also stream (twitch.tv/lady_from_norway) **Experience in teams** **Season 5:** I played in a few high plat/dia teams. I was pretty much only playing league for the team ranked, and practiced alot on my freetime to become better in soloQ and the champion that was needed. At that time I had a huge champion pool. **Season 6:** When they removed team ranked, I lost my motivation to play league. I came straight back when I heared it was back. So after my last team got disbanded I worked on my soloQ rank alot more. Now I am Plat 1, going for Diamond before season ends. I am more of a team player than a solo player. Other than that I am a pretty positive person, always trying to cheer people up. I always want to achive more and learn more. I don't stop at Diamond 5 for example. I got the attitude and the mindset to go far. I'm a fast learner. I can take critisme and learn from it. Add me in game if it sounds like something you want in your team *Lady From Norway*

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