Looking for french speaking ppl to play with.

Hey there, i'm on the lookout for some frenchspeaking ppl to play league with, as i'm trying to get better at french and learning vocabulary everyday is only getting me so far.My English is very fluent, so if u can talk english that would be great, incase i mess up. The biggest problem is that i still learn, so I need somebody who's patient and ok with sometimes explaining language stuff to me,or even teaching me something new / giving translations. Besides that i don't mind ur rank(i got dia myself), i would prefer a positive attitude, but the most important thing to me is to hold a conversation. Which get's hard when somebody is just raging into his mic and screaming profanities at the top of their lungs :P . If u would add me in case u are interested I would be quite happy :3 With regards JUSTiANDmy2Poros

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