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HEY SUMMONERS: You are looking for a self confident jungler and shotcaller to fill the spot in your ranked team? Or you are sure that you can step up high with the right duo mate? Then this might be the right threat, keep on reading! => Short Version: About me -28 years old, from germany -playing since beta, over 6k games played, compete with high dia skill lvl -alot of experience as jungler, decent skill on all roles -good mechanical skills and especially gameplay knowledge -never enjoyed solo q so far > looking for a mate on my lvl What I expect -main player, strong main champion pool -game basics introverted, f.e. kiting, sieging, roaming, map awareness, map control, ward/spell/buff counting -knowledge about team compositions, counterpicking, powerspikes -playstyle adjustments accoding to situations -decent kda´s, cs scores, mmr -always try harding when playing ranked ================================================== => Detailed Version: About Me: Im a 28 years old player from Germany. Main jungler with a lot of experience in that role, jungling since mid season 2. But I am on a decent level on any role. Anyways, I expect that from every player in my team. Only if u understand what ur mates are doing, you can act effectively. Im playing LoL since beta phase and gathered a lot of experience by playing (over 6000 games since start) and watching tons of hours to streams of top players and tournaments. I never played much solo queue, nearly only five man premades, because I really dont like the attitude and the lack of teamplay many solo queue players show. I am looking forward to finally play with four other people around my skill level to unleash my full potencial. I would love to have a team which can focus on the game and having fun at the same time. Dont be surprised about my elo, i always preferred premade drafts or teamrankeds over solo q. I am platinum, which completely doesnt show my actual level. Playing a teambased game with people who dont care about that and just hate at eachother is not what im looking for. Anyways, I know I can keep up with many high ranked players or even have more knowledge about the game. The success I had, when matched against high ranked players in normal drafts and teamrankeds make me confident to say so. Mechanical skill and especially gameplay knowledge is something i can offer. What i expect: As the first indicator I expect gameplay experience. At least 1000 wins in total (normal or solo queue) and that u are maining ur roles. I want you to have the game basics introverted. F.e. knowledge about team compositions (early/mid/lategame strength), kiting, sieging, counterpicking, map awareness, map control, ward/spell/buff counting, different playstyles (engaging and disengaging in the right situations), roaming, specialized runes and of course champion knowledge. These things I rate much higher than playing a champ perfectly. Mechanical skills are useless if ur lacking at gameplay knowledge! Im looking for people who know their capabilitys. At which state of the game ur able to do what and how. Teamplay and map control are the keys to victory! If you agree to my thoughts and think u fit my expectations, let me know and add me in game! Greetings, MC Ren
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